Repair of apartments
Each of them belongs to the group being repaired or awaiting repair. The peculiarity of the housing stock in Kyiv is that real estate, like any thing, is subject to wear and tear. Repairs in the homes of wealthy owners are carried out regularly. Our company Idea Fix is ​​actively engaged in the mass repair movement of apartments in Kyiv. We provide comprehensive services in the field of turnkey apartment modernization - we develop design projects and carry out repair work. A full range of services for the repair of apartments and other premises in Kyiv is conditionally called a turnkey repair. The organizational principle of the complex
process is to include in the
list of works the complete processing of the premises,
from dismantling, design and
engineering to the actual repair.
We accept orders for all types of repairs:
Daily maintenance of an apartment plot with a small amount of work in Sumy. The list of repair work includes painting, gluing new wallpaper, replacing decor, repairing communications and other inexpensive work. Minor repairs in Sumy are often called cosmetic repairs, since only the external surfaces of the salon are replaced, for example, applying new cosmetics to the face
Capital repairs in Sumy. Deep intervention in the volume of the apartment with the replacement of many or all elements of the interior - floors, ceilings, walls, communications, windows and doors, plaster, concrete screed, dismantling of damaged and unnecessary structures, erection of new partitions. Such a large amount of internal work requires large financial costs. The frequency of major repairs of apartments in Sumy occurs on average once every 30-50 years of operation
Turnkey repair in Sumy. Comprehensive service with medium and high degree of interference in space. Repair can be conditionally classified as a turnkey repair if it is performed by one company, even with the involvement of subcontractors
VIP class repair in Sumy. A special level of interior modernization in expensive apartments. The difference from ordinary repairs is that a large amount of money is spent on work, the most expensive finishing and building materials are purchased. VIP turnkey repair can cover the entire range of works - design and replacement of communications and major dismantling, as well as all types of surface finishes with a quality effect
The so-called "European-quality repair" turnkey in Sumy. This word came into use in the 1990s, when Western technologies and finishing materials began to penetrate the country. And the designers moved from the post-Soviet style of design to Western principles of interior design. But the concept of repair at the European level has long been rooted in the mass consciousness
Organization of apartment renovation in Sumy
Our company offers Kiev residents a turnkey apartment renovation service at reasonable prices and with full responsibility for the quality of work. We are ready for the timely start of the contract in Sumy and the implementation of the design of your apartment.
Our services
Designer renovation of a private house
When planning a home renovation, the owner gets a unique opportunity to translate his ideas and fantasies into a qualitatively new design of his home.
In a private house, it is easy to recreate the atmospheric atmosphere of a noble estate, the harmonious and peaceful comfort of a wooden log house, in which the eco style will look great with its naturalness and simplicity, and lovers of modern design will be able to create a stylish and functional European space interior. If the house is spacious enough, you can consider a separate office, studio, gym, billiard room.
Cottage design and renovation
Design and repair of a turnkey cottage Life in a country house directly depends on quality of repair. Before you design and renovate your home, you need to choose a reliable construction company that will do the job professionally and on time. An exclusive turnkey project and repair in Kyiv is subject to certain rules, the observance of which guarantees an excellent result.
Townhouse renovation
The building structure, traditionally called the English word townhouse, is becoming increasingly popular.
The word city means a small town, a village. Currently, apartment buildings are being built in cities and suburban villages. The peculiarity of the architecture is that several identical houses are united under one roof or located very close to each other.

Features of the modern repair company Idea Fix:

For clients from Sumy, we offer turnkey apartment renovation, i. with a full range of works, including dismantling, construction of new interior elements, design development, finishing, all types of finishing work, replacement of communications - pipes, electric and low-voltage cables, water and sewerage; • We work in Khrushchev. These complex facilities are subject to complete turnkey modernization, since the housing stock of Sumy in the 60-70s of the last century was worn out by 50-90%. At "Scarabey" we develop original designs in small, cramped spaces;

We take up work in one-room apartments with creative inspiration. Customers from Sumy are often asked to optimize their space by creating a turnkey studio project. At the same time, the partitions between the living room and the kitchen are removed, but in the full version of the studio in the apartment, all internal walls completely disappear;

For each complex turnkey repair, an individual apartment project is created based on the ideas of the client and the designer, and taking into account all the conditions of the owner of the property in Sumy;

For small apartments in Sumy, we offer a turnkey project and renovation in a modern style. Minimalism, Scandinavian, oriental, Ukrainian, European design motifs, any classic style or new design ideas can be embodied in a stylish high-quality renovation;

We can reduce the total cost of work in the apartment if we take on the finished project without changes and improvements. The design, tested on typical apartments in other objects in Sumy, easily fits into the interior and has already been cleared of design errors;

We carry out turnkey repairs of three-room apartments in Sumy together with the development of interior design or only with the execution of finishing and other works;

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